What is RDL?

To us, it is something that is both desirable and attainable, something of such substance and quality that you are surprised to find it within your reach.

Our focus on results is the strength of Results Driven Learning today and something that differentiates us from other Learning and Development Firms.

Needs Assessment

Needs, or gaps in results, are the challenge in most organizations. Needs define the results we want to accomplish in relation to our current achievements, and we define them either formally or informally on a daily basis.

Our Mission

We will work with your team to ensure they grasp the materials, activities, and engagement expectations that will drive results.

Instructional Design

We analyze the results of the needs assessment to determine the correct approach and content requirements for your organization. That analysis begins the instructional design process. We use industry-standard methodologies to design and develop the appropriate materials to fit the needs. Materials may include:


Every detail is designed and developed around the specific outcome of the performance.


Year Of Experiance




Advisor Experience



Meet Suzanne

Our Facilitator

Suzanne has proven cost saving ROI measures for learning and development implementation projects that have supported multinational corporations, midsized organizations, municipalities, and Fortune 100 firms on national and international bases. Suzanne is experienced in best practices in researching, designing, developing delivering. In addition her programs have been designed and measured using Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of training evaluation. Suzanne has a passion for working with organizations large and small delivering on desired outcome of all stakeholders.

Suzanne has been infusing adult learning principles and creative training techniques from Bob Pike, author of Creative Training Techniques, for the last 20 years. Some of her core competencies are needs assessment, design and delivery, and project management and operations – always measuring and proving that we made ROI after training is completed. One of her major responsibilities is designing and facilitating training for Ethan Allen Global Inc. across North America. Suzanne always takes a participant–centered approach to classroom training, executive facilitation, one-on-one training, and coaching. She is especially passionate about facilitating Presentation and Facilitation Skills, Leadership Development, Organizational Change Management, and Team Effectiveness.

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